The installation is buried / underground with location: before the construction of the house, buried in the yard near the house built, in the garden, vacant land or forest, wherever it is accessible both for transport and for unloading and digging equipment.
  • Access to the entrance according to the client's request and access to the reserve evacuation (emergency hatch) -metal (armored) with perfect sealing.
  • Storage space for drinking water and food (under the floor)
  • Enclosures (tanks) attached to the outside of the capsule for a maximum of 6-7 m3 reserve for drinking water or for the bathroom.
  • The house capsule can have a bedroom with bunk beds, a kitchen with specific furniture and a stove burner, a bathroom with a walk-in shower, a sink and a toilet with a drain / drain in the septic tank, a living room with a sofa and a removable table, other pieces of furniture: closet, closet, hangers, hangers with hangers, etc.
  • Installation for changing the indoor air by absorption with manually or electrically operated fan and impurity filtration (endowed with filtration chemical, bacteriological, or nuclear agents on request)
  • Surveillance system with video camera and PC playback (equipment on request)
  • Electrical autonomy for Lighting and home appliance use - equipped with battery-powered system from the generator or batteries powered by the system with solar panels (equipment on request)

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